Can You Give a Hamster Dog Treats?

Yes! Dog treats or biscuits are pretty hard and are usually given to hamsters to help them wear down their teeth. Although wooden chews do a fine job of that, some hamsters simply refuse to use them. In that case, getting a plain dog treat (no additional flavors) for the hamster can help encourage it to bite on the treat and prevent their teeth from being overgrown.

It’s important to get a plain dog treat because not all of them are safe for hamsters. For example, dog biscuits with garlic or onion in them should not be given to hamsters as these food can be harmful to your pet hammy.

Many experienced owners milk bones which you can get online or in major pet stores. It’s quite big so a single piece should last a long time (the entire box would probably last forever in hamster-years) These are not available where I am so I got my hamster another type. You can see my winter white dwarf hamster, Flaxseed, chewing on a dog treat in the photo. That was taken weeks ago and right now, it’s still a whole piece with lots of bite marks on it (:

winter white hamster chewing on dog treatDog treats may also be a good source of protein although I would not recommend anyone giving it to their hamster as food. Some hamsters may enjoy the treat so much that they eat the treat instead of their regular food. If you notice your hamster going through the biscuit really quickly and not touching their food, it might be wise to remove the treat for a while. This is important because the treats do not contain all the nutrients that hamsters require to be healthy.

That said, it’s rare for a hamster to eat only the dog treat instead of their regular food mix (I’ve only heard it happen once). All four of my dwarf hamsters enjoy chewing on dog biscuits, but never as their main source of food.

  • doggyfan

    Haha thank you for sharing this! I had never thought to use dog treats for my hamster’s teeth! It’s funny because we actually have given our hamster use of our dog’s DoggieLawn (if he hasn’t used it, of course). It this real grass patch that our dog uses for bathroom breaks, but we actually got another shipment just for our hamster to enjoy so he can burrow in. He loves it :)

  • FireHead

    Thanks for the info! My hamster never chews on the wood blocks that I give him so I always need to buy expensive cheese blocks. I will defiantly try milk bones! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Kenneth

    Can hamsters eat the Oxbow Young Rabbit Food?

    • Dwarf Hamster Blog

      If you’re talking about feeding it as a main food, no. The Oxbow rabbit food is mostly made from alfalfa meal and soybean hulls. It doesn’t have the nutrients hamsters require.

      If you’re talking about using it as a treat/chew, I don’t think hamsters like this very much

    • Dwarf Hamster Blog

      Not sure why I haven’t seen this until today but no, please do not feed your hamsters food that’s formulated for other animals.

  • Boh

    Whimzees (by Paragon) are FANTASTIC ! My little Campbell’s named Boh won’t touch any of his wood blocks or edible huts and hideaways but he didn’t even stop to sniff the small alligator Whimzee I put in his cage, he just started munchin away! The whimzees are all natural potato starch dog chews, only 6 ingredients. They are made in Holland but you can find them in some pet stores. Here in Canada I get mine at Pet Valu, as they have both bags and individuals. Try them out if you have a picky hammy! :)

  • Snicker Noodle

    Do the shep dog treats count as somthin you can give to your hamster?

  • Ayesha Scott

    If you read in the ingredients it contains ” plasticgta compound ” witch Is a bacteria that is used in common cleaning products , although they are okay for dogs to consume , hamsters have smaller liver which cannot take the intense chemicals
    I found this on another site is this true