Ceramic Hamster Hideouts

hamster houseCeramic hideouts come in many designs and are easier to clean compared to wood, cloth, cardboard(?!) or grass houses. They also last longer and are chew-proof.

Here are some great looking ceramic houses you can get. To see prices of items, click on the photos to go directly to their product page on eBay/Amazon. More hamster hideouts will be added periodically!

*Note: Most of these are suitable for dwarf hamsters only, please check the sizes before you buy!

Hamster castle

This castle is great for a medieval theme or a spooky one for Halloween ;)

hamster castle

Ceramic ‘wood’ stump

Want a natural-looking cage but prefer chew-proof hideouts? This ‘wood’ stump might work

ceramic tree stump

Mushroom hut

This pink mushroom hideout looks good in a girly or even fairy themed cages.

mushroom hut

Beehive hideout

Dwarf hamsters don’t eat honey but nobody says they can’t go in a beehive!

beehive hamster house


Pear hut

Pears may be too sweet for Winter Whites, Campbells, or Chinese hamsters to eat but they can still live in one

pear hut

Ceramic acorn hut

This is another hamster hideout that goes well in a nature/natural theme

acorn hut

Pumpkin house

Blueberry the Roborovski hamster likes to snuggle up in this one

pumpkin hideout

Monster house

I didn’t like the look of this one but it might go well with a spooky/monster theme

monster hideout

Which is your favorite ceramic hideout? Leave a comment below! :)

  • macey

    I like the mushroom hut and the acorn :)

  • http://naturegirlscrittercorner.blogspot.com/ Iggy Pig

    The acorn one is really cool. But…as a large guinea pig I fear I wouldn’t fit in it.
    Large plastic pig-loos(igloos) are perfect for us piggies! I like mine – it’s spacious and comfy. This is a pig-ture of yours truly’s cage.
    Like it?