Dwarf Hamster Care – How to Take Care of a Dwarf Hamster

This is primer to dwarf hamster care. We’ll be adding on to it from time to time as we learn new things about how to take care of dwarf hamsters. You may skip directly to any section or read the whole thing if you’re just getting started.

  1. Getting the right supplies
  2. Feeding your dwarf hamster
  3. Keeping your dwarf hamster clean
  4. Playing with your dwarf hamster

Getting the right supplies

dwarf hamster care - cute robo dwarf hamster face

Getting the right equipment for your dwarf hamster is an important first step if you want to care for your dwarf hamster properly. I’ve described in detail the items that the new dwarf hamster owner needs to get on the front page of this site. This is a brief recap of the items you’ll need:

Feeding your Dwarf Hamster

dwarf hamster food mixGiving your pet the right food is an important part of dwarf hamster care. It’s a good idea to give your dwarf hamster a hamster mix that has a wide variety of food in it or specially formulated food for hamsters such as the Oxbow Healthy Handfuls Hamster and Gerbils Complete Stabilized Food. Don’t use food mixes made for other animals as the nutrients in them are different from what your dwarf hamster requires.

A tablespoon of food should be sufficient per dwarf hamster per day. Your hamster should also always have access to fresh water in a water bottle.

Besides hamster mix, you can also supplement your dwarf hamster’s diet with fresh food.  These should be given in moderation (once or twice a week) and variety. There are many fresh foods that you can give to your hamster but you should always give new food in small amounts to see if your hamster is able to accept it.

Also, as dwarf hamsters originate from a desert environment, too much fresh food that’s high in water content can cause diarrhea. You also do not want to give your dwarf hamster food that’s high in sugar (most fruit). This is especially so for Russian dwarf hamsters (i.e. Campbell’s, Winter White and their hybrids) as they are prone to diabetes.

Some fresh food that are safe for dwarf hamsters:

Asparagus, acorn, alfalfa sprouts, basil, bean sprouts, buckwheat, bran, chestnuts, chickweed, chicory, clover, dandelion flowers and leaves, dill, endive, flaxseed, green beans, kale, oatmeal, pumpkin seed, parsnips, sesame seed, squash seed, sunflower seed, spinach, turnip.

One way to give fresh food without worrying about the water content is to dehydrate/dry them first.

You can also feed your pet insects such as crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers from pet shops.

Food that you should not feed your dwarf hamster:

  • Anything with pesticides/insecticides on it
  • Anything sticky (will get stuck in their cheek pouches)
  • Anything sharp (will pierce their cheek pouches)
  • Processed food (canned food, candy, chocolate, snacks, etc)
  • Salted seeds and nuts
  • Citrus fruit (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc)
  • Onion and garlicdo not feed your dwarf hamster tomatoes
  • Kidney beans
  • Bitter Almond
  • Avocado
  • Potato
  • Tomato
  • Eggplant
  • Fruit seeds
  • Watermelon

When in doubt, just play safe and don’t give anything you are unsure of to your hamster. A more complete and super well-organized food chart can be found here. We also have a list of food that we give our hamsters on a regular basis.

Keeping your dwarf hamster clean

Your dwarf hamster should never be bathed in water. However, you will need to keep its cage clean. The frequency of cage cleaning and bedding changes will depend on how large the cage is and how many hamsters are in it. It is advisable to clean a small cage at least once a week. Larger cages can get away with fewer cleanings in between.

Tips for keeping a cage clean and odor-free:

  • Use a highly absorbent bedding such as Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding
  • Spot-clean every day by picking out soiled bedding
  • Remove any uneaten food (especially fresh food) daily and replace with new ones
  • Hang charcoal near your hamster’s cage to absorb the smell. Keep out of hamster’s reach.
  • Once a week, change the bedding and clean the cage with hot water
  • Use vinegar to remove any bad smell and rinse well
  • Be sure to clean the accessories too (wheel, potty, hamster house, etc)

I’ve found that most of the smell comes from the accessories especially if your hamster likes to pee on them. In that case, I clean the accessories more frequently and make fewer bedding changes. Check your accessories to see if they’re the culprit before throwing out your bedding — I made the mistake of cleaning the cage every three days when I first had my hamsters because I didn’t realize all the smell was from the wheel!

You can also buy special sand and a hamster bath house (or make one) for your pet. Most hamsters will happily roll around in sand to get their coats clean.

Playing with your dwarf hamster

Try to play with your dwarf hamster (especially robos) daily so that it remains tame. Hamsters are nocturnal and most active in the early morning and during evenings. When possible, play with your hamster when it’s awake and active.

Tips for playing with your dwarf hamster:

  • Alert your hamster to your presence by allowing it to sniff your hand/finger
  • Don’t startle your hamster by grabbing it from behind
  • Use a toilet roll or cup to hold your hamster if you’re not sure how to pick it up
  • Hamsters have sensitive ears. Avoid making loud noises
  • Set up a play area with “walls” so your hamster won’t escape
  • Don’t hold your hamster at a height. It may jump off your hand and injure itself.

That’s all about it for dwarf hamster care. Check out the rest of our site for more tips and tricks on how to take care of your hamster!

  • casey

    this was very helpful! im planning on getting my first dwarf hamster in 2 weeks i had a teddy bear hamster who i loved! but his fur was tough to deal with! but the dwarfs seem very nice! thanks!

    • Sarah Yee

      I’m glad you found this helpful and thanks for commenting!! Yeah, dwarf hamsters are awesome and definitely easier to take care of, no problems with hair since it’s much shorter.

  • kyle

    Thank you for posting this! I found this very helpful because i just got a dwarf hamster. i had a Fancy (long hair) hamster but it wasn’t working out so i gave him back to Pet Co.Thanks

    • Sarah Yee

      I’m glad you found this helpful and thank you for leaving a comment! :D

  • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com xxHammyMakeupxx

    Omg I am preparing to get a dwarf hamster so thanks for the advice on everything! With the charcoal where should I hang it and how? Also, do you know if petco sells satin dwarf hamsters? Thanks so much again!♡♥

    • Sarah Yee

      Hi! You can put the charcoal in an old sock or a pouch and hang it in the same room where the cage is. Preferably near the cage but not within reach of the hamster. Or you could just place it beside the cage if there’s enough space ^_^ I’m not sure about Petco’s hamsters

      • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com xxHammyMakeupxx

        Thank you so much for responding so quickly. ^_^
        And okay will do. I should be back with more comments and questions…..see you around. ♡♥

  • Tammy

    thanks for this, we just got my daughter a chinese dwarf and this is very helpful. We used the carefresh bedding, but i also saw a carefresh litter. Do you use both?

    • Sarah Yee

      Hi, that’s great! Carefresh is probably the best bedding around (although pricey).

      Nope, I don’t use both. I use Carefresh Ultra (white) and Carefresh Colors (blue). I’m also trying out a few other bedding types but so far Carefresh Ultra/Colors has worked the best for me :) I wrote an article about hamster bedding and will be updating it as I test new ones: http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/best-hamster-bedding/

  • Jordan Watson

    i just got a dwarf hamster and he just hides under his wheel that we have for him, we only got him 3 days ago, is this normal? And my brother always puts his hand in the cage and try’s to pet him, is this good for the hamster? My next door neighbor has a Teddy bear hamster and said to try not to touch him and I was wondering if this was true?

    • Sarah Yee

      Hi! You should typically leave the hamster alone for a few days so that it can get used to its surroundings. He’s probably really scared every time anyone tries to pet him so instead of doing that, offer the hamster treats (like sunflower seeds) and let him come to you. It’s not true that you should try not to touch him (although for the first few days it is), you can try to pet him gently (and no fast movements) when he’s eating the treat. This has worked for all of my dwarf hamsters. They might snatch the treat and run away the first few times but over time, they’ll learn that you’re not a threat and not be so scared. Let me know if it works for you :)

    • Rachel

      Yes this is normal it will take about a well for him to get use to its nee investment so wait a week and then start socializing him

  • Sydney

    I just have a simple question. Where do you have your dwarf hamster while you clean out its cage?

    • dwarfhamster

      Hi! I usually put mine in a play area where i set up for them. If you have a hamster ball, carrier, or spare cage, you could use that. A cardboard box would be fine as a temporary holding area too. What i do is to take out and clean the accessories first and then put them in another area, then transfer the hamster and clean the cage. That way, the hamster still gets to use his wheel/bottle/whatever while I clean up the cage.

    • Nep

      Back home, we usually put them in the bathtub which they enjoy exploring. Needless to say, always make sure it’s dry and clean before you do so!

  • dwarfhamster

    Thank you, glad to have you here! :D

  • songbobbin

    What do you do with your hamster when you go on vacation for a few days?

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Sarah

      Find a pet sitter and ask them to refill food as well as check on the water bottles (to make sure it didn’t leak, and there’s enough water in them).

      There are also people who will board your hamsters for a small fee. Usually you’d have to bring the entire cage to the boarder or they’ll transport it for a fee. Some of them provide food but others ask that you bring your hamster’s.

      If there is no one you can ask and it’s just for a few days, I would put in a few day’s worth of food and make sure the bottle’s filled to the brim, doesn’t leak and is usable. This should be the last resort though…it’s always better to ask someone to take care of them while you’re away.

  • hope

    i have a female dawrf
    hamster and she bites when i pet her in her cage help how do i get her to stop

    • Cece

      try picking her up with a small box and letting her get used to your hands. after a while she’ll stop.

  • bob

    hey guys I’m hoping to get a female dwarf hamster

  • Cece

    My dwarf hamster just died of old age (she was 3) and i’m grieving very much. It hurts me to see another hamster except for my dead one’s sister and i hate that because all my friends have hamsters. What can I do to help myself and my hamster’s sister stop grieving? That hamster was my first and she was also my best friend.

    • Boris

      Sorry to hear your little buddy passed away, but it looked like she lived a good life thanks to your care and love :)

  • Tammie

    i have a dwarf hamster (A male), but when i try to hold him he starts to bite me but i dont know what to do about it. Can someone tell me what i should do.

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Sarah

      Hi, have you checked this out yet? It might help :) http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/do-dwarf-hamsters-bite/

    • Cass

      I give Rosie a nug of her food (a sunflower seed or a corn kernel) every time I open her cage door. Now she jumps out and expects a treat. This has made her super friendly and she gets trips out of her cage to play.

  • Nickey Stuebben

    Would a hamster be a good pet for a college dorm? We’re allowed to have them but I’m worried about it smelling too bad. As long as I get good quality bedding and clean the cage weekly, will it smell ok?

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Sarah

      I don’t think there’s much of a smell and good quality bedding plus weekly cleaning should do the trick if there’s any. But it also depends on the hamster. Some hamsters smell worse than others, even when they’re the same species. I’m not sure why.

      Maybe you could go to a pet store, ask when their last cage cleaning was and see if their hamster cage smells bad to you..?

  • kristen

    Can I use the same play area for my new dwarf hampster and my gerbilsbif its at different times. Concerned they may smell each other and be scared orbuncomfortable

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Sarah

      It’s alright but they might try to mark their scents/pee/poop in the play area more to mark territory

  • Alyse

    I just bought two 6 week old dwarf hamsters who are brothers. There were 6 of them in one cage at the pet store and I randomly picked two of them to take home and the pet store people said it would be okay to put them in the same cage so I did and less than a week of having them they got in a fight and now one of their legs is hurt pretty bad and the others face is all scratched up. I don’t know what to do right now because I can’t call the vet at the moment. I have separated them for the time being and kept one in a cage and the other with the hurt leg in a plastic box type thing so it wouldn’t play with its wheel and toys or climb anywhere. What should I do? Will they like each other again or do I have to keep them separated forever? Will the leg heal over time or should I take him into the vet?

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Sarah

      Hi, I’m sorry your hamsters got into a fight. As a rule, you’ll have to keep them separated permanently once they get into a fight/draw blood. Otherwise it could eventually end up with one or both of them dead.

      As for the leg, the safest and best thing to do is to take your hamster to the vet!

  • Elsaclub

    I’m going to get a hamster

  • Serena

    I’m So happy! My Mom said that if me and my sister learn about them, her friend will let us have two of theres!!!!! This blog helped me learn so know Me and my sister can get ours!!! So thank you guys so much for making this!!!!Were getting getting our babys tomorrow!!!!! :)

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Sarah

      That’s great! I’m really happy for you too :D

  • Mary

    Can I use my rats wheel for my hamster? The rats don’t use it at all, although it’s been in their cage for a long time… So can I use it? Should I wash it? Or what?

    • Dalia

      Yea you should wash it

  • bilbo bag

    my dwarf hamster was very active when I left this morning and now he wont even move all he does now is breath what should I do

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Dwarf Hamster Blog

      You should bring your hamster to the vet if this is an emergency and it sounds like one if he isn’t responding in any way but breathing

  • Summer

    My hamster does not like sand bathing and it seems afraid of the sand. How should I clean her?

    • Dalia

      she’ll clean herself by licking. just focus on the cage, ok. :]

  • Jade Godfrey

    I’m getting a dwarf hamster for my birthday and I was wondering what kind is best? Robo, Chinese, etc.

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Dwarf Hamster Blog

      If you want a dwarf hamster that’s easy to tame, try getting a winter white. I personally think they’re smarter too!

    • Faria

      If u want a hamster that is very energetic u need a robot if u want a shy 1 then Chinese. One that u will enjoy observing Russian Campbell or winter white a 1 that loves to cuddle Syrian is perfect for you

  • Wes

    Thanx for the advice

  • Jill

    Thank you! I am caring for my friends dwarf hamster while they are on vacation. Although I am concerned about one thing, he made a hole in the fluff at the bottom that he goes in, (not my concern) and he doesn’t come out unless I have a peice of food. I try to slowly lure him out of the hole so I can play with him, but he attempts to bite my fingers/even my whole fist! Could it be because he is in a new environment? Possibly the car ride (which wasn’t intense or anything)?

    • Dalia

      My hamster plays hide and seek too but maybe because he’s sleepy

  • Josie

    Thank you!!! Now I know how to take care of my new Robo hamster!!! I’m a hamster lover and a lot more active with mine because of this blog. :) :) :)

  • Nhu

    Something’s wrong with my hamster. He not very active and mb uses his wheel for mb 2-5 days a week. Sometimes he drink 2 oz of water a day. His pee smells kinda sugary too. Does bubble (hamster) have diabetes? If he does can I continue to give him oxbow?

    Ps- when I hold him he poops a lot (1-7)

    I’ve had him for a few months now (Russian dwarf)

    • Dalia

      My hamster poops alot too, but try to give him less sugary things :]

  • maddie

    I got my new hamster last week and thanks to you I have really bonded with him. My only problem is that when I clean out my hamsters cage I put him in a ball with a stand. When iput the ball in the stand my hamster freaks out but it is not suitable to let him roll around as I have no bedroom door so what should I do???????????

    • I love animals 88

      Try covering your door with books or something hard that will block our door.

  • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Dwarf Hamster Blog

    When my hamsters do this, I let them out for a bit and give them a snack to bring home. It’s normal for them to do this from time to time.

    If you’re afraid to pick up your hamster with your hands, you can try using a mug or other container that the hamster can climb into.

    • Dalia

      Where do you let them out? , if in the house won’t it escape? My hamster does it all the time.

      • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Dwarf Hamster Blog

        I set up an enclosed area (you can stack boxes or books) around yourself to form an area or use a hamster playpen like this one: http://amzn.to/1DvZDxi

  • taco

    I am going to design a cage thou i need some hamster safe stuff for it any ideas would help a lot and i am planning to get on a dwarf or a syran i just need some help on name i am thinking of amber or cookie cause my cousin is getting won to and she might name it cream so it would be a lot of help if we got safe products what they can eat and what not and names thanks for you guys taking your time on us it means a lot thanks again bye :3

  • taco

    no name suggestione?

    • I love animals 88

      Is Your hamster a boy or Girl??

  • taco

    any one get on here lately : , (

  • bettyboop

    Hi i have a Chinese dwarf hamster he keeps biting which im used to know but i have noticed he cant climb his small ladder or grip the wheel properly and when i give him treats his nails so like multiple pin pricks on my hand. does anyone know what could be wrong with him. I asked pets at home where i purchased him from and they dont wont tp know. Any help would be great thanks

    • Dalia

      Take it to a vet, hope he gets better :]

  • I love animals 88

    Hi Guys , hopefully someone can answer my question this blog is a little old…. I’m getting a hamster next week . And we are in the winter time. How do I care for my hamster during the winter time? because I don’t want it to hibernate. And I’m pretty sure im getting a dwarf hamster.

    • lindasek

      hamsters don’t hibernate. If your hamster is sluggish you should visit your vet. Winter white dwarf hammies are simply a breed of hamsters named for their wonderful white coat which is especially distinct during winter months.

    • alejandra

      actually, hamsters do hibernate. keep the hamster in warm areas and make sure it has sufficient food and water to prevent it from going into a deep sleep to conserve energy. many people tend to believe that their hamster is bed, but many times it’s really just hibernating.
      source: veterinary student

    • Dalia

      Play with it before it hibernates

  • Stephanie

    I just saw my chinese dwarf hamster has a swollen eye, may be a little red looking. Is it sick or injured?

    • Dalia

      I may be 9 yrs old but take himher to the vet :]

  • Lasaundracriswell

    How come my dwarf hamster tries to run away from me when I try to pet it? Also how come it will not eat it’s store bought pet food and will only eat veggies and fruits from home?

    • lindasek

      It’s probably not tame and used to eating fresh foods only, try different food brands and nuts (not salted) to see if he likes another brand better – they are sometimes very finicky!

    • Dalia

      Or it’s probably not used to you

  • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Dwarf Hamster Blog

    Hi! I’m glad you like the blog. About your question, most of the preparation, such as ensuring the cage has fresh bedding and removing the male, should be done before the female gives birth since you don’t want to disturb the female or the cage once it gives birth until the babies are a few weeks old. You don’t have to do anything when it’s giving birth, just make sure it has access to fresh food and water as usual, and give more high protein food such as mealworm, boiled chicken, or tofu. And also avoid touching the babies until they are able to crawl outside the nest on their own.

  • Charlotte

    I was holding my dwarf hamster and he jumped out of my hands. He’s not showing any signs of being hurt. But I’m really worried, what should I do?

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Dwarf Hamster Blog

      Keep monitoring him. If he’s eating and drinking normally and not showing any signs of being hurt, he should be okay.

    • Angad

      Bring it to a vet

    • Mairi

      You don’t have to. My brother (idiot) blew on my hamster for some reason while I was holding her while standing and she fell to the ground :( I was worried and watched her for a while and she was fine. Dwarves are even more robust.

  • Snow

    Hi!! I recently bought lemon scented bedding for my hamster. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve just read on other pages that it isn’t good for them. What do you think?

    • Dalia

      If you read it’s bad don’t use it ! :]

    • Angad

      Dont risk it

  • Dalia

    My hamster was rolling around in the ball while I was cleaning the cage. She accidentally fell down the stairs, I heard a BANG! and she was lying on the floor , I don’t know what happened I was really worried, now she acts the opposite of herself. What do I do?!?

    • Angad

      Bring it to the vet asap I lost my hamster cuz he got hurt don’t let it end up like mine

  • Dalia

    I’m not sure so take it to the vet

  • Dalia

    Probably doesn’t like it

  • marie

    Do they have to sleep in the dark

    • Angad


  • Angad

    Consult a vet

  • Sara

    Hi, I got mine Russian hamster yesterday and it keeps scratching itself (I think it’s scratching anyway, moving it’s back leg which looks like scratching) is that normal for this kind of hamster?

  • mridul mathur

    Is it normal for hamsters to be lethargic/shaky while walking in the morning?

    I got a hamster yesterday, he was quite active. He had some corn, bread and water, shredded some paper tissues i kept in his cage. However, today morning, he seemed quite shaky when he tried to walk, tumbling around? Is this normal or should I take him to a vet?

  • Rayna

    I’m going to get one from a local pet shop and I’ve never had one before. My friend had a gerbil/ hamster (I think gerbil) and it was tiny at full size. Will mine be tiny too? Another question, is it Okay to have one? At the shop they were (THERE WERE,LIKE,10!) all huddled in one small house. Is it okay to separate one? I only want one. If they need friends, how many?

  • Jenn

    Hi really need some help I got a darwf hamster from someone who didn’t want it and I was cleaning his cage and there was a wicker basket house thing and when I was cleaning it and there was these little insects things coming out of the house I bined it and cleaned the cage can anyone tell me what they were and what will I do and will he be OK

    • Amanda Karbowski

      They could be rodent mites.

  • Mairi

    Just leave them alone to do what they have to do. They’d rather that that than you hanging about. XD but you should research what’s normal and what SHOULD be happening just to make sure nothing goes wrong.

  • #i cant tell you

    hi we just gor imoijee she is a russian dwarf and we have been asked to hamster sit her fr five weeks whilst her owner is in India. the owners last words to me were ‘dont kill my hamster’ i am so so worried i dont want the hamster to die. plus me and my teenage brother and sister ae all very noisy will this scare the hamster. PLEEEEEASE£ HELP AN ADVIZE ME….

  • #i cant tell you

    my mother is being cruel to imojee and keeps trying to force it out of it’s bed

  • #i cant tell you

    my hamster has demon eyes. Should I call Sam and Dean Winchester?

    • Amanda Karbowski

      You might need to, to be safe. Plz send dean my way tho if you do. Lol

  • #i cant tell you

    supernatural is the worst thing in the world joint with the maze runner

  • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Dwarf Hamster Blog

    Hi, cotton wool is never okay for them. They are sold commercially and claimed to be pet-safe and some of them even have photos of hamsters on it. However, these have been known to suffocate hamsters and/or have other ill effects

    • Red A7x

      Getting cotton bedding from a pet store was the worse mistake i’ve ever made! A thin thread of wool got stuck around my hamsters leg and besides cutting off her blood circulation it caused a very bad wound. This same wound is causing her to want to chew her paw off. Im applying ointment on her injured paw and covering it up with appropriate hamster safe ligament. Until.the wound is heald I need to constantly check on her ligament to make sure its still on her paw and apply the ointment two times a day, and it breaks my heart knowing that I could’ve avoided her injury if I had done some research on which kind of nesting was best. ):

  • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Dwarf Hamster Blog

    Hi! Thank you for pointing that out. In fact, it should say “bitter almonds” (which are a different type of almond that’s toxic) instead of almond and I’ve updated the page to correc that ^_^

  • Charlotte Vyse

    I am getting two russian dwarfs tomorrow. My local pet shop says it is good to give them kiwis but only in small amounts. Is this true?

  • NiceNiceBabyMSP

    Thank you so much! My mum is getting me my own dwarf hamster for my birthday (21 days) and I am currently studying because I would HATE for it to not be taken care of properly! <3

  • Florence Cutts

    how long do they live ???

    • Flurry Quter r.

      Dwarf hamsters usually live 2 to 4 years.

  • Florence Cutts

    If taken care properly following you advice

  • Flurry Quter r.

    How can I dehydrate the fresh fruits and vegetables?

  • Rob

    Ive got a two robo dwarf hamsters, theyre both from the same cage. They get on fine but every week or so they spend a day squabbling and chasing each other. Should i be worried ? or are they just having an off day? Theyve never injured each other and the squabbles last about 4 seconds

  • Donna Forde

    hi I have a 3/4 week old white robo hamster and iv noticed that he is scratching a lot and im not sure if the back of his neck and side of his face is a bit red or is that just his skin and I never noticed but when is scratching 2 much scratching I use carefresh natural bedding

    • jx

      this might mean it has some skin problems!

    • alma

      does him have some skins problems

  • EmmaLouise

    Hi, I have adopted my boyfriends hamster (whilst he is at uni, he cannot care for him) his name is Ralph, he is a Campbell’s Russian Dwarf, from what I can tell.
    Recently, me and my family have noticed that he has been scratching or biting himself and it is leaving very ugly, nasty looking marks on him and the blood matting into his fur doesn’t look too good either. We believe he may have mites, we are unsure because we have never seen any small insects or bugs anywhere near him when cleaning him and his cage out.
    If it is mites, what would be a good way of helping to get rid of them, and also helping to prevent him getting them again?

  • Katryn4

    I have a Russian dwarf and recently she/he is making noises, she is eating drinking etc but is becoming more and more frequent is it anything to worry about?

  • Margaret

    Hi I just got 2 dwarf hamsters males and I was wondering if I can feed them carrot & cucumber

    Also there is one that always bites why is that

    • Emma

      I’m not hamster expert but, one of them probably bites you because the smell of your hand. Or the hamster just likes to bite things. If it’s the smell, don’t use a scented lotion or soap that could just encourage the hamster to keep biting smelly things xx

  • alma

    hihi if your hamster only eats this food than you should buy a lot of kinds of hamter food and try to realizing what your hamster likes. hope this is gonna work :)

  • Jennifer Mcmahon

    My russian dwarfs dont seem to drink much at all but they run a lot at night on the weel would it be them still getting used to a new home? As they are still a bit jumpy around me too. I dont know what i can do.