Hamster Weight & Weighing Guide

What is the average hamster weight?

If you’ve weighed your hamster (if you haven’t, check out the instructions at the bottom), you probably want to know whether it’s too heavy or light compared to other hammies. So here’s a list of average hamster weights. The weight ranges are from the book Hamsters A to Z which also contains plenty of helpful information on hamsters and dwarf hamsters.

Note: These are adult hamster weights.

Syrian hamster1 weight: 5oz – 7oz (140g – 200g)

Syrian hamster

Dwarf hamster weights

Winter White dwarf hamster: 1.5oz – 2 oz (40g – 60g)
Campbell’s dwarf hamster: same as above
Note: the two species of hamsters2 are also commonly referred to as Russian dwarf hamsters or Siberian hamsters

unidentified russian dwarf hamsters

Roborovski dwarf hamster: 1oz – 1.5oz (25g – 40g)

roborovski dwarf hamsters
Chinese hamster3: 1.5oz – 1.8oz (40g – 50g)

dominant spot chinese hamsters

My dwarf hamsters’ weights

I weighed my hamsters today. The winter white dwarf hamsters are still under two months old (as of May 2013) so they’re not fully grown yet. Their weights are 31 grams (Oatmeal) and 25 grams (Flaxseed). My Roborovskis are fully-grown but their sizes are so different! I don’t have their exact ages because I got them from the pet shop. Ichigo is 40grams and Blueberry is slightly underweight at just 24grams.

How to weigh your hamster

hamster weightIf you’re wondering how to weigh your hamster, this is a short guide that will hopefully help you. As we all know, hamsters aren’t particularly keen on staying put in a single place. Of course, if you have an exceptionally tame hamster, you might not think the same, but a hamster (especially if it’s a Robo dwarf hamster!) would likely prefer running about than standing on a weighing scale for you to record how heavy it is.

Why weigh your hamster?

It’s a good idea to weigh your hamster regularly so you can spot any excessive weight loss and deal with it. Sometimes, hamsters lose weight quickly when they get sick, or if their teeth is overgrown and they can’t eat. If you’ve just changed your hamster’s food, it’s also good to track its weight so you can be sure it’s eating properly and not just hiding all the new food somewhere because it doesn’t like it.

Guide to weighing your hamster

  • Digital scale
    You want to use one that’s for weighing postal items or kitchen ingredients. I use this kitchen scale which is under $10 if you get it from Amazon.
  • Small cardboard box or container
    This is for putting your hamster in. I’ve found that my hamsters tend to stay in the house/box so I get enough time to record their weight. If I place them on the scale directly, they just walk off it immediately >.>
  • Treats or sunflower seeds
    If your hamster doesn’t stay in the box or if you can’t find a box, put some treats or sunflower seeds on the scale to get them to stay on it longer. Remember to take into account the weight of the treats. A few sunflower seeds usually don’t weigh anything unless you’re using very large ones.
  • Your hamster
    This is pretty self-explanatory ^^

What I do is put a few sunflower seeds in the box or container and weigh it first. Then, I lure my hamster into the box and weigh the box + hamster together. Subtract the weight of the box from the total weight and you’re done!

Thank you for reading and if you’ve found this post helpful or interesting, please share us with your friends! ^_^

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  • China&Gabby

    I just recently bought two Chinese dwarf hamsters in mid October and at first they were both the same size but recently I’ve noticed one is thinner than the other.She hasn’t shown any signs of illness and eats but i have noticed the other one is quicker to grab up the treats and is always in the food bowl.She’s just more eager to eat but I’ve seen both eating and drinking and offer lots of veggies and fruit.How much should they weigh?I don’t know exactly how old they are but they weren’t too young,maybe a few months but not sure.

    • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Sarah

      Hi! If they’re fully grown, they should be about 1.5oz – 1.8oz (40g – 5og).

      • China&Gabby

        Well Im not sure if they’re fully grown.At what age are they fully grown? Im going to weigh them tonight,i just borrowed a digital scale from a friend.Thanks for the info

        • http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/ Sarah

          I’m not very sure but I think they reach full size at about 2 to 3 months old

          • China&Gabby

            Oh ok,well then Im sure they’re fully grown then.Thanks

          • John

            …..my hamster is a…..type I don’t know!

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  • Ammers

    Good to know my two Russians are a good weight. Quite Surprised they’re both 2oz because Pearl is so tiny (Runt of the litter I guess) and Ruby is so stocky!

  • Jocelyn

    Hello my hamster Emi was born sometime in Febuary so she is still a baby. I normally give her pellets, millets, broccoli and this other hamster mix that has dried corn, carrots and these two types puff balls. She is very active on her wheel and she loves to come out of her cage for some mommy and hammy time. I clean her cage every morning and night. I normally change the bedding out every two to three days. every morning I give her fresh water. I feed her twice a day morning and night with her snack which is broccoli. She has been acting normal however her poops have been more watery not exactly diahrea they are still partially normal poop form but just soggy and watery. I read it’s normal for hamster at a young age to get it, I also read I could be feeding her too much. But could this be wet tail? I’m in Japan so I can’t go find her that wet tail treatment people buy. And it’s hard to communicate with the vets.
    I have the stomach flu a little bit ago and held her on day one cause I didn’t know I was sick til later in the day and day four when I was feeling a bit better. Could I have gotten her sick? should I take her to the vet ?

    • Anonymous

      The broccoli is probably giving her the diarrhea. I recommend you stop feeding the broccoli every day, but whatever you do, DON’T BUY THE WET TAIL “CURE”!!! All it does is hide the symptoms. You probably shouldn’t change her bedding so much since all it does is not give Emi enough time to leave her scent. Maybe at most once a week?

  • lindasek

    My Campbell just got weighted at the vet – 40 grams, 1.5 year old female; seeing how she loves to eat corn, sunflower seeds and sugary treats (and I, of course, indulge her) she right at her mark!

  • blanchmoss8

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